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injuries and loss of service. When the condition is made the subject of

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undue irritability or suspiciousness, (vii.) The likelihood of remaining well

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(1) Principle. The method is essentially an improvement on

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clomipramine hydrochloride is a medication used in the treatment of

who thought it fitter to follow nature's example, and set upon

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abstinent during the whole duration of the craving, even then, the

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tained that the physician should have a knowledge of phil-

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paired nutrition, modifications of the pulse, and of temperature, increase

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a brown crust, and secondarily complicated with striated excoriations and

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to 5 fju; solitary, in pairs, or filaments. Aerobic, liquefying, motile.

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marks. Skin points only are trustworthy, and of such landmarks on

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is perhaps the observer whose name is associated most closely with the

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subjective feelings of numbness, deadness, and the like, where loss of sen-

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Kaposi was the first to describe the disease, but in 1884 the author of this article,

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the neck, in a third the side of the chest. The affection presents itself

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Diagnosis. — From ordinary acute mania by the more rapid onset,

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tion and senility. In times of great social anxiety and distress there is

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The lesions begin as minute scaly points in the epidermis", on a more or

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the malady was epidemic cerebro-spinal meningitis. Other groups of

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expenditure. No spendthrift, he kept what he had fairly

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bruised and studded with small punctiform clots, the membranes become

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this love charm, which had a very high reputation for effi-

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Thus arsenic alone amongst drugs is capable of bringing out an attack

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who cannot keep their hands away from their genitals, who, undeterred

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and the power of the patient to withstand its effects. We shall see that

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greater future benefit : and if we regard this ability as the foundation

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unknown, but cerebral activity is not thought — the processes are

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c. The rabbit is held by an assistant, or is placed in an animal

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Albu has also attempted to show that intestinal parasites produce their

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perhaps more tendency for the eruption to become eczematous. How-

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- — and indeed the latter lesion may become bullous — there seems nothing

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