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there was one in Marischal College, which had no proper founda-

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difficulty, and finally became firmly closed. The wings lay close to the

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giving rise to any marked changes in the ureters during their course.

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and the innermost fibers of the media. The lesion is immediately external to

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by the frequent finding upon autopsy of a more or less

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intracranial pressure was noted exactly as would occur after

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the health. He asserts that myopia is to a great extent caused

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contained pus cells, a few epithelial cells, but no elastic tissue, no

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Bothriocephalus latus is usually classed with tape-worms, and clini-

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Animal experimentation upon kittens with E. coli by Schaudinn, Craig and

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larger glandular organs, is more apt to be associated with increased

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Officer. Mr. Simon's reports were made under the statute by

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The effusion takes place in a few hours, and the patient expires in a

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they arise, if the bone has been properly set, in two

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ments have become unsteady and imperfect. Her memory and hearing are

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In the earlier stages of fibrillation the electrocardiogram usually

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be at all severe, the face is pale, the extremities are cold, and he breaks

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he is able to work at his trade; and he is employed as an assist-

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the author thinks may be allied to tabes, for he has observed

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to the abdominal parietes and intestines, were an immense

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diagnosis, treatment, risks, and medication side effects, fail to

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became a fashion for a time, but happily, in England at least, is now

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combat this enemy. At Spalding, it has application of a compound which "absorbs

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the purpose, at Chilton Grove Farm, in Buckinghamshire. Now, on the 8th

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Libraries. Of these the most interesting is Marsh 156

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the treatment of flat-foot, it is recommended that the inner side of

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cases by a gradual heart failure with consequent fall of pres-

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absent in progressive muscular atrophy. Certain trophic troubles are also