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to prolong the time for remedial measures, or protract the fatal issue, as
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important reason for such a proceeding is not alluded to. And I
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to the dose repeated every three or four hours, and that the cumu-
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support to the enlarged gland, and the cure is protracted.
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there is an exhaustive power, not only upon the stomach, but
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There is one feature in the announcement of this summer arrange-
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duced by the sudden rush of the blood forward in the
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agitated all the while, but so moderately as to avoid churning. In three
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This is a wise conclusion, and will, no doubt, redound more to his credit,
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treatment, no doubt swell the mortality under this head ; but as a
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Query, would he necessarily die ? If the patient were, further,
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civilized world, and it is generally agreed that absolute rules
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fifteen minutes in order that the different State Delegations might ap-
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tissue. The contraction of the cicatrix tends to lessen the caliber
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to the importance of recognizing this fact and not sacrificing any
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Observe what occurs in the most marked cases of this dire mala-
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The great fatality which attends upon amputation of the thigh
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ies, whose business closes at five or six in the evening, may very
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with both these distinguished teachers, that " meddlesome mid-
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On Compression of the Arteries for the cure of Xeuralgia. By M<
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medicinally, for something more admirable than the unearthly intoxica-
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assistance, and who would be glad to avail themselves of the gratuity,
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of each particular example and most obvious differences in
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her 14th year, and had suffered during each month of February
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other attenuated weights, are constructed all our medical
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this kind, you must always look out for tubercles ; there was no
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2. Is there no accumulation of mucus, or other animal fluid, or of fluids
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from the treatment of his disease while in this country, and was advised
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ought to be left in situ, unless likely to ulcerate
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regulate the action of the bowels and improve the general
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one of the rings, or in the course of the canal. Taxis was re-
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In many instances of long standing hemorrhoids, the external