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hero, who has the rare hardihood and ambition to risk the

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Naples. — Though the city and basin of Naples are apparently surrounded

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joint disease, or such slight derangements in the way of numbness or lack

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■\Vasftd— Fourth Report on the OperatJQn of the Contagious Diseases Acts

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The authorities may require before the beginning of the examination

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The first thing that strikes one in glancing over this volume is its

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countries bordering upon the INIediterranean ; in Greece, Crete, Italy,

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tions of red mercuric iodide, in one per cent, solution in steril-

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The University of Hamburg. — A movement is on foot for the

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along the course of the ureter. It is generally intense.

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moderate temperature, before mixing, and when mixed be care-

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local treatment stands midway in importance between

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