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inferred, therefore, that in man mind-blindness and mind-deafness are due to

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14 -ega#, B. 18 casnneb, H. B. 17 peetum, H.; p»tu, B.

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to that of mitral regurgitation or stenosis, associated

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epinephrin? This point was tested in experiments with sahne of

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often small deposits on the two surfaces of the superior longitudinal

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Aniesthesia, Eflects of Prolonged Chlorofoim . . 392

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virulent culture of a staphyloccus pyogenes aureus was

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ark, X. J., died on June 26th of pulmonary trouble. He

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cial weariness. The lancinating pains present at the beginning

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to allow another inoculation to be made, in order to test the

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untimely sympathies and their pockets with indiges-

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management. In many, perhaps in most cases, the danger seems to

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King of Jerusalem, nine hundred years before Christ, and whose death was impli-

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let down the foot ; measure to see the length ; and

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tolerably uniform. That a l>ot and droughty fummer is productive of

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meet the deficiency by £3,378, and this sum had to be taken

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albumin; after a few days the patient died. At the autopsy there

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Its back ; an ear-wig nips with the nippers of its abdomen at its own separated head, when the head bites the abdu-

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treatment of urethro-vagiiial fistula;.] J. akush. i jensk.

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process is apt to take, is to the membranes of the heart.