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examination of the blood it is not absolutely necessary
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may come into contact with the spermatozoa either at the ovary, in any part
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I am one of those heterodox practitioners (if yon please to call me so},
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Fracture of the Patella.— Dr. J. H. Emekson rt-lated a case
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acute lung diseases 428. consumption 3.'>(i, diphtheria and croup
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tnt, recovery may occur, but in severe cases the death-
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Women by Electricity," by Dr. H. R. Bigelow, of Phila
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reference to things medical in Canada is one of satisfaction. I
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The next most common form of pneumonia typhoides, resembles
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sarcomatous tumor in the mediastinum which gave rise to
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otherwise it would be constantly liable to be thrown into a fold, or, becoming
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the superior thyreoid veins, when present, has seemed of
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subscriber to the Journal A. M. A., tcho is a member of his County Society,
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been discredited, probably erroneously, by many authors.
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Zinc, using in the proportion of i ounce of Chloride of Zinc to i
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fore, put the patient to bed and keep him there, giving as far
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(1) Dehydration causes the bacteria to shrink whereas, in a smear,
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evidence of the existence of disease, and more especially of such conditions