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ered in Clinton Hall, Nov. 22d, 1854. By John H. Griscom,M.D.
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Hitherto from their color they were supposed to be casein
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arises as to the period at which it should be done.
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same general law of constitutional taint and disease, belong
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— for the palludal variety of fevers, if not for diminished vitality, by
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ble ; consequently both operations should be retained in practice,
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other: that is to say, the ovum which grows to be a male is fecun-
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" It always excites my surprise when I hear of physicians trying
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of considerable size when empty and its extent is not increased
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to the influence of valerianate of ammonia; and as a proof of his statement
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easier to perform, is at least more efficacious. This operation also
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or pyrosis, ordinarily called heartburn ; painful sensations in the
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Port wine, which, in a pure state, is a sweet, rich, aro-
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Surgical Society already alluded to, Dr. Forrest detailed the fol-
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symptoms attending it in its earlier history, and the successes
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used at first, which should be increased to two or three quarts as
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of the ethmoid, their floor by the palatal processes
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Fig. 3. Section of wall of pylorus (12 diam.), showing hyperplasia of epithelium,
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Now if to these 46 an equal number of negroes, who are all natives of the South, be
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little inclined to do, in case of such a brave patient, who is willing to en-
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other instances of its inaction on the pulse of well persons, as also-
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Diagnosis, with a few comments. By Henry Melville, M.D.,