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deaths. 11 per cent, died under 35 years, and 270 per cent, lived

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with retraction of the testicle, a limping gait, flexed thigh, stooping posture,

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IS apparently rare. It is characterized by haemorrhages from the

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fatigue is concerned. Until the patient is able to swallow he should be

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stability through the trying period of development. Certainly facts yield

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medical seminary, when they reflect that the Medical School of

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followed. Animals as large as oxen were killed in this way, the

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the applicator. The chromium crystal vanishes from the

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of equal parts of extract of belladonna and mercurial ointment may be

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The Archives has been for twelve years the only journal in the English

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'•The force of the heart-act in the turtle elevates the column, on an average,

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apprentices. In 1704 a public dissector was appointed at a

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both limbs, and in the course of six weeks they were wholly affected. Together with

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souri. In these days of "health hints," hygienic hand-

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secondary inflammation, whether of the endocardium or the

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1947, at which time she gave a history of sustaining a

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with me, and I am happy to note a growing support from

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degeneration in the cervical region (Pierret), but it may be primarily attacked

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rosis, but is present in the large majority of anemic

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its members, to discuss medical and surgical topics, and

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M. D., F. R. S. E., Professor of Midwifery in the University of Edinburgh,

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of an army with typhoid fever is well brought out by the results of many

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the enlargement of the testicle of a cancerous nature ?

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The Autopsy — This took place on Thursday evening by can-

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easily remedied than innperfect quality, may be supplied

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that point where it passes silently through the constitution, up to (hat

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A distinction has to be made between the mortality rate of primiparae and multi-

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and atresia of small intestine, Surg., Gynec. &

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