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1892, 3. s., xiv, 464-468.— Fiske (G. F.) Exenteratio sive

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students, picked young men and women, with the cli-

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a committee be appointed to make a report at the next

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ter, Albany. Committee on Business — George Henry

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followed by a feverish attack and then several large bullse

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pessaries, the reading of which was yesterday postponed until this morning, was

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show that animals deprived of their thyroids are more suscepti-

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then stop ; or, even if complete healing does take place, the scar

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zoologic pulse and its relation to the rhythmic acts of

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constipation ceased, and the abdominal parietes became lem rigid. Nevertheless, the dorsal

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animal was the subject of the experiment, and that this

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labours under more or less fever. The following is the form which I

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years. I was not called imtil the danger from suffocation

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sistency is. It was once taught in physiology that the

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Case XIX. — Finally, I saw a case of influenzal pneumonia

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acid contained in numerous articles of food prepared

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creature in creation more ready to seize time by the forelock than the

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its formation. The period of this subsidence is most variable,

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of infusorial animalcules in general by swimming rapidly

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G. S., field of vision, taken June 27, 1901. V., left = hand movements

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holism, and, according to Wilks and Moxon, diabetes. In old age and in

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suppurative cases was 20 months. This higher average was caused by

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part produces all the mechanical eftects of a tumour, and this is the reason

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and vice versa. Again, others designate all fibrinous exudations in or upon

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operation of fear was no doubt the cause of the cure."

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1892 I was called to operate for an intra-peritoneal ab-

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Calcutta, 1896, xxxi, 401. — Emniert (E.) Hyoscin

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reported in other enalapril experience. Increases are more likely to occur in patients with renal artery

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not to say that the operation was easy for that was

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scribed after the use of this drug. The pain after the

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of the natural food and digestion of the infant. We should