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False Reposition of Hernia.- B. S. Koslowsky ^ empha-
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D. N. Knox, M.A., M.B., Lecturer on Surgery, Western Medical School.
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State Medical Society today, to maintain a reasonable fee
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cited, and p. 267, Journ. of Anat. and Physiol., xlvii.).
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was begun, the temperature per rectum was 104i°; pulse, 130°.
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subject lay stress on the importance of training the senses. Comenius
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r^he cannot raise her head from the bed, nor make any attempt to sit up.
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warfare. The fair fields of our country have been reddened with th«
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16. He had a series of violent chills, followed by febrile reaction,
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34. A Practical Treatise on the Diseases peculiar to Women, illustrated
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own opinion is that it was in use by the people and the country phy-
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protein foods were studied in like manner. It was found that such
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found associated with the signs of hereditary syphilis. In
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state of solution, are much less likely to be interrupted by
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had 368 cases of suicide in Berlin, of which 189, or more than one-
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no localising symptoms indicative of its exact site. The cases included in
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hours. These pieces of paper were then steeped in izal diluted
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rexial period similar to the first, but lasting only two
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so unpromising as Dr. Kidd's, inasmuch as there was a portion of the
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means of redressing these deformities. This represents a
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to the constitution of gases. The general nature of this
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coir.r:H'li-l smallp')X ^iil'se^iiently tlurini; tlieir roidence in tli*- A-;. i:::ii.'
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67, and 66 quarts, respectively. These large individual consumption