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of the strain are satisfied by the alternating states. It should be
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Tarso-metatarsal. — The three cuneiform bones and the cuboid join
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secondary inflammation, whether of the endocardium or the
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induce a septic condition, consistently prescribes an1i]>hlogistic, remedies in the
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September 6th, a. m.: Pulse, 120; temperature, 102'' F. Pain less. Anorexia. Ob-
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bladder when there- were gastric symptoms, and that
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per may also be employed. They all cause coagula to form and a douche
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insanity. Doubtless the evident depression under which he
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On reduction by Paal's method, rapid absorption of hydrogen
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the saline inorganic matter which is deposited in the cells of its tis-
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radical hydrogen peroxide produced during the oxidation
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any other members of the circle; that, if convicted and
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fiiifil their functions sufficiently for the continuance of life and tolerable
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reached this organ by a circuitous channel ; communication by a very
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shoulder it may become bruised by the recoil of the gun. Each
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were deficiently red. There was generally also some bronchitis.
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tinued very delirious, and with a temperature of 106°,
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tions, which consequently must have remained there some considerable
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pelvic brim in multipara;. Observation shows that a
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tal feeding should be pushed from the start, nutritive
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kidneys, the element of stimulation of function by heat
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hand, to such an extent that he could not button or unbutton
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ing the poison of this malignant disease about him ; and I
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be perfectly water-tight. Those containing methylene-blue must not release any
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In spile of this the book is fascinating, and will be es-
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down; at last drops rather than lies down, the fall caus-
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dons of the extensor muscles of the leg, and turned back the
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connected with the cerebrospinal system and with the right vagus.
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her life would have been saved. The third case occurred in a
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activity, and so allow of relaxation of the neck of the bladder, the other to
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to the fact that the valves were free from disease, even the
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thence into the pulmonary aorta, which through the ductus arteriosus
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pboide Eev.sau. de Bordeaux, 1887, iv, 49. — Dubons-
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by the educated physician which has done the world so much
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given when the normal passages are out of function is
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bronchial obstruction ; and the complete disappearance of these rales, together