Can Hydrochlorothiazide Cause Hypoglycemia

striction. By Arthur R. Reynolds, M.D. Chicago. Reprint.

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Operation, Dr. Paul Thorndike. Left lumbar incision.

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6. Stone: Boston Med. & Surg. Journ., 1888, vol. cxix, p. 148.

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Branch. It is one which is of particular interest to

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Aug. 22 the death-rate was 15.7. Deaths reported, 4,,'548; acute

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(3) Treatment. — The bursa directly above the tu-

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Army as assistant surgeon in the Eighth Maine Regiment. In

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•Jouii). of IMed. Itesi-arcli, 19i)l, vol. I, p. 105.

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19.3, Hulll8.2, New Castle-on-Tyne 16.7, Cardiff 21.4, Rhondda

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