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where grave malaria prevails, whether tropical malaria or the sum-
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(2) In atrophic rhinitis a cure is to be despaired of, but the patient can
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by the Berlin Society of Obstetrics and Gyncecology arrived at the con-
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Pleurisy with sero-fibrinous effusion. Sero-fibrinous pleurisy shades
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One great impediment to the investigations of patho-
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jected an hour before the operation, a rapid narcosis was
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gentleman assuring us that out of two hundred cases of ^re/rtO/uYory diarrhoea he
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to compare the future incidence of pellagra in this mill as compared
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diameter of the thorax, from the forward movement of the
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Vials: 300 mg./ 2 ml. In single-dose vials, in packages
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alone be a sufficient cause for its development, we should
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Collins, have lost their reputation and are unable to practice their
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"fit" about four weeks ago, while walkingin the street. Giddiness and involun-
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breast containing a cyst with dense walls. June twen-
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Examination, which is a qualifying Examination under the 5ledical Act, 188G,
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wounds with the lodgment of a foreign body in the eye, and it is for
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the exclusion of impersonal, and more conducive, factors;
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nephritis, and the like, as well : so that notifications come to be made
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me in an interesting case' which justify the surmise above
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of tuberculosis of the upper air-passages included under