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1820. He began practice in Albany, where he soon attained an emi-

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he studied homoeopathy and practiced it in connection

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State of Rhode Island for the Year ending Dec. 31, 1883, AND FOR

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"Some So-called Rheumatisms," Med. News, Feb. 18, 1915.

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Many surgeons use Tillaux's or Hennequin's extension

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graduate of the dental department, University of Buffalo; Marie

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A tarsal incision inside the internal intermuscular septum

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For the relief of the intestinal troubles above mentioned, the

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which all our thoughts and works are a part. This much we

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the action of the genio-hyo-glossus and genio-hyoid muscles.

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Against confirmed tetanus : free incisions, washing out

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profession were to be asked what they considered as chiefly to

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At the Allerheiligen Hospital at Breslau, in 1833, there were

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crystals in the urine of F. R. S., for which it was drawn.

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a sketch of chlorosis. A special chapter is assigned to the grave form of

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As an antipyretic and antiperiodic, the alkaloid hydrastine

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of Bellevue Hospital, where he remained for two and a half years,

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ning ear, can in any shape or form remove the lurking systemic

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of gynecology also brought him many staff appointments to hospitals ;

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at rest, or when the back is not pressed upon. It is more of the

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The anterior incision of Hueter outside the femoral vessels

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Munich, the tabulated report shows that from Dec. 13, 1836,

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upon which he is an authority. Among these are: "Fibrous Mam-

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There will be a competitive examination for the position, due

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All other organs of the body seemed to be normal. The

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the bullet (opposite fissure)^ but also it has brought about,

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and high schools and the Normal College of Toronto, and received

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There is, indeed, no place here for the use of any of the classi-

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traumatism of which recent wars have shown the relative

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graduated from the last-named in 1827. Two years later, having

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merly edited ' ' Archives of Pediatrics," and edited a volume on the

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I have attended successfully seven cases in the third stage,

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'■ It ia nich a pity that so much vital force should be

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On the morning of the 24th the breathing was obstructed,

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On June 26, 1901, Dr. McKernon married Anna Madeleine Witt-

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