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were some hopeful signs, as sound apices, etc., left to comfort
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That phthisis is often cured has been demonstrated satisfactorily.
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chronic diarrhea. From tuberculous ulceration of the intestines it is dis-
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mucous membrane is reached. The openings for the outflow of liquid
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and the chest should receive one or more dashes of colder water before
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a gentleman of forty, at the commencement of his trouble,
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Definition. — An acute, contagious disease, characterized by a cutane-
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to avoid such overci-owding, people should consider the health
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(a) the ascitic form, (b) the ulcerous form, and [c) the fibroid form.
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the latter has run its course. As a rule, the return occurs from one
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completes their dinner. Their supper does not differ from
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man in charge of the rooms and belongings of the Professor
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pericardium, with the occasional difference that the dulness may extend
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ratio between respiratory changes and the intensity of the disease; the
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tent with good reaction are the acme of treatment for this type of
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ately for Canadian medicine, the gentleman who was present to
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before stated when considering diet, are the tissue-builders
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in iritis at any age, old or young, but in young children be-
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Reaction follows both of these conditions, either restoring the
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such cases are reported. Germs are probably introduced from
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H. Burnett left the Philadelphia schools, went to Europe, and
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fourteen hours at the body-temperature, can be thoroughly relied upon in
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simple.* Such a bath may be improvised out of a clothes line, a
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influence of the ice-compress treatment, however, is not difficult to
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and later by the jet douche for three seconds at 65° to 55° F. If
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Mode of Infection. — Tictin's studies indicate that the medium of trans-
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of tuberculosis are especially frequent in young children (meningeal,
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dle age. When one reaches fifty years of age, having escaped
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remedied at the Canadian National Exhihition. where at least
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ing blood appears to be very considerable. What processes account for
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tability, active hypertemia or inflammation of the pelvic organs; in
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if every community had its lying-in resort, to which any
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of ioo° F. The ways of getting this into the system are by
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terrible collapse condition menaces life. "Collapse," says he, "is
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They were a light cream-color, nearly white, and immensely
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almost invariably found upon the trunk, and especially upon the upper
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perature has a lower average range in persons previously debilitated, in
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plant, furnishings, and utensils — the annual return on the total
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not be ill enough to have life threatened, these poor creatures are en-
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and delivering letters, I soon took up the object of my visit