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that the cavity of the pelvis is sufficiently capacious. The woman

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as much blood as we like, without exposing it to the

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Eye, cases of injury to the. By G. C. Harlan, M.D 177

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aud to the right side was a white well-elevated wheal,

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go through two or more sections. Consequently, it is not

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3. Miklozek CL. Kingsley EM, Crumpaker CS, et al: Serial cardiac function

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the iodids in small doses for a long period may be of benefit.

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water were noticeable. Malarial diseases had prevailed regularly

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get the sedative effect relieving that spastic condition.

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" 5th. — Food is entirely refused, and the animal is evidently

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occurs when the injection is made under manometric control. A

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but it is never louder there than in front ; only be said that when dyspepsia is marked

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of minute traces of blood. It is coagulated by heat, and has

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the t)utflo\v of art(M'ial bhtod from, and the inflow of venous blood to, the

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places, denuded of epithelium. All of these, and such

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it is wonderful for how many years the detection of such a pallor may

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to have no practical value whatever. Yet upon the re-

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sources of intolerable misery. Consequently, all sweet,

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of the operation most of its fluid contents, consisting of

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tracheotomy, inserting a tube into the wound, and con-

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important single thing to take into consideration by our Government,

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they are the vehicle of the contagium, is not a mere matter of conjecture,

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after adopting the new mode of dress she was better, and at the

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Clinical Staff Conferences were distributed and 1,800 copies of other litera-

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of the urethra, complicated with retention of urine, and

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theory is held by Mannaberg, who, as we shall see, regarded the

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from towns, and in particular from London, is one which we

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ulcers are the result of hyperchlorhydria. water in teaspoonful doses three times a

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rapid and transient multiple arthritis, which quickly renders the patient

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worthy importance. Its development since then has been rapid,

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The racing plate need differ in nothing from the com-

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to offer first aid should make it their duty to suppress

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tielles Oberlidcoloboiu bei einem missbildeten Fotns.

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with choking of the disc, are that its swelling and redness are less marked,