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government, entirely divorced from politics, would ac-
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of maximum tenderness to pressure over the stomach or
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overestimated, as in many cases these complications are in existence be-
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lands and Islands Medical Service Board, and the Department
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diminished especially if the kidneys are affected. The patient has a desire
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the sphincter of the bladder, rather than to a fistula ? Her spontaneous
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admitted to the Cariology Branch of the National Heart Institute.
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But it appears that no definite action was | Resolved, That the professors of every
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With or without extravasation from mucous surfaces, the pathological
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Bengal is excreted in the bile. Unlike Rose Bengal, 99
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much more prolonged and intense upon inspiration than upon expiration.
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ducing yellow fever is portable, and that the disease is thus liable to be
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susceptible and hence offers the more favorable prognosis. In three
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troduced through the artificial anus. The effort was unsuccessful, the
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mend that one-half the fee now allowed to Physicians and
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viscera; its ordinary weight, in a healthy adult, being calculated at
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arc fixed to frames like ordinary spectacles. These stand out a short distance
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of our domestic pigeons were probably eastern birds; it is known that for
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a course of experiments, the most important results of which
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ter is already overcrowded. Herr Amsberger, the Min-
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symptoms. The stupor, which resembled that accompany-
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partially restored probably largely by the development of collaterals.
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sations, may also be complained of. Hysteric clavus is, of
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dyspepsia is accompanied by gastralgia more or less intense
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you think you know it by heart come and we'll examine
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biinioruH could bu nsod an a lovor with wlii(;b to pry tho Hliouldor
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patient was seen by my friends, Drs. B. T. Church and Prof.
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the question of survivorship, of which we shall have
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complete removal of the omentum itself. This was accordingly done
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shortening of the limb, which may be as much as seven centi-
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roma of several arteries, as ophthalmic, etc. ; dilated
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was adherent, completely blocking these two vessels, and also blocking
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death probably would not have occurred had the operation been performed
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tubated and extubated a number of times, one time after extubating he
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healthy persons and of enteric fever patients was found to be a suitable
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Two of such heads can l>e seen in the Muspiim of
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with the fact that after other and more complete operations
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Wegscheider stated that many years since hot- water injections were employed
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pathy of the Association be tendered Dr. Sayre in his prolonged
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for the welfare of the individual, but it should never be so limited as to
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The sudden onset and prostration of relapsing fever may make one think of plague.
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Culex pipiens, they escape from the erythrocytes, and appear free in the lumen
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(below 25°), the rate in the arm exposed to the cold diminished,
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July 20tb, 11 A. M. Much better; skin cooler; pulse 112: skin warm but moist; tosfie
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one of these drawers, provided they were placed in a