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peripheral arteries, whereas the reverse was the case.

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intend to cast refiections on the services of the three

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know which of these resolutions should be can-ied, a

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Increasing Prevalence and the Necessity of Methods for its Re-

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Kocher's cases, however, showed the l)ackward displacement with

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spread of venereal diseases, and, assuming that the States

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tionally bad, interfering with the out-of-door pro-

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ataxic and by the middle of July could not move her legs

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of the respiratory tract, and the diagnosis was made

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combined hydrochloric .51 per thousand; abundant sar-

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and exhibit the so-called Charcot's joint in its most

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for instance, as the presence or absence of urethral

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was given. It was impossible to ascertain the exact

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took a seini-flexcd position. Knee jerks were very nnich

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In nearly every case that occurs the infection appears

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Channmg, not for his heresies, but for his meager propor-

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that Messrs. Hynes and La Farge, whose designs were

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to worse : the fever continues as a remittent fever,

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until four or five weeks after the attack. AVith re-

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I did not use it in cases in which I employed vera-

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articular forms were the largest group, i>4, includ-

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generally, the mosquito has as yet no assured posi-

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see that county societies are kept alive and that all

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jar ot water containing a large number of mos- many adult females were caught while atternpt-

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especially in thickly settled towns, since, when the ques-

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tracheal sound is so intensified or the intervening

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or twisting of the canal and to irregularities of sur-

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eral observation and all clinical experience. Grow-

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the degree granted by the future university medical

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meri<an INIedical Association, New Orleans, May, 1903. 15y the

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large number of large mononuclear cells with large,

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larly of streptococci, must be taken into considera-

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dition obtaining at Canton and other Chinese cities,

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collapse after a meal, and the bowels could not l)e

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died on Sept. 4, at the age of forty-two. He was a native of