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Nominal pains, with other symptoms, attributed to copper, mercury, and
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It may affect either the fingers or the toes separately, or both conjointly. In
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paraphenylene diamine and hydrogen peroxide.^ Bruere (39)
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perhaps due to a cystitis in consequence of catheteri-
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Amongst the most important causes of idiopathic or inter-
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more than one compartment of bone, joint, or muscle.
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and early in January, pain in the left ankle, with swelling. Feb. 18th, there
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the first symptom to cause the patient to consult a
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of Ireland, 8.7° in the N.W. of England, 9.6' in the N. of Scotland,
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terzana. Rif. med. 1890, p. 152 (reported through Angelini), Considerazioni
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hours, and give them again in like manner. Continue this treatment
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