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is slightly transmissible to horses, dogs, goats, and apes, but not to cats.

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tigations, already quoted by Pennington & Walter, 80 per cent oi

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by persistent dietetic errors. The gastric functions are readily taken

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terms it may be stated that entamoebic dysentery is common in

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rhythm during the diastole of the ventricles and accordingly fall in the pause

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only upon exposed surfaces of the substrata; never produces spores in cavities not

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infection or from other cause, were set apart for further scrutiny.

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The Buckeye Doctor : A Tale for Physicians and for Physicians'

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interest besides the regular routine work, such as is designated by statute,

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chief of radiology, both with Children's Hospital of Wis-

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Ward's Island, 614 ; women in Homoeopathic Hospital,

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growth is more frequent in men than in women, no fewer than

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be washed with 0.9 per cent, salt solution and finally suspended in

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the severity of the condition. This same criticism can also be ap-

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wall of the ventricle, and death took place on the rupture becoming complete.

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the Bacillus diphtheriw. Their virulence was not tested.

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fessor Tuson, of the Royal Veterinary College, having been

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took root and grew well, but it was observed that the soro

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after amputation. In 5 cases of malignant diseases, 2 died after operation ; in

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hope in these few pages to picture, however briefly, the long

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editions of the herbal, is Anthony Askham or Ascham, a [)riest,

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and his letter to that effect is now before us. But that was not

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its use in rheumatism has subsided somewhat, a fair estimate of its

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