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Assizes 1845), a woman died from the effects of prussic acid, and a fatal j

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may be recovered from, but greatly increases the danger,

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ria, although very carefully written, still show that all mod-

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case there is an extension of the exudate into the recto-

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muscles which He in the way, are isolated and drawn aside with hooks.

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expansion of the chest or the descent of the diaphragm will cause

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viz., aconite, veratrum and nitro-glycerin. In the first stage of

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removing the Gasserian ganglion ; the osteo-plastic method of

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and those of hemorrhage are very similar. {3) In sus-

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r.lli „e .'reatb dimin.i^ied in number-. The -apn.phytie element in

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B pullorum apparently ferment maltose, and B. avisepticus produces

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augmented to ten or fifteen grains, especially in older children.

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which a piece of scalp, of the size of a man's palm, had been

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also found it in a few cases of secondary involvement of the organ. Yet

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Avarmer parts of the season. The cheeses are then boxed and crated

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thin gruel, with considerable fine brown sediment after standing at

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apparently free from all direct nervous influence and

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vestigation. It is not to such men that we nmst look

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simply to loss of blood. It seems scarcely reasonable, therefore, in such

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*' With thirty or forty observations you may establish the

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strength of the system, the severity of the cause, and other attending

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discover a common essential cause. Having discussed the question of " irri-

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of blood was greatly diminished. I have seen some cases of hematuria

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case, owing to the presence of redness and swelling of