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and a failure of muscular power. A week later the symptoms were as follows :
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Professor of Diseases of the Mind and Nervous System, and Electrotlierapeutics,
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body fluid. Normally, if treated in time and correctly, sickness could
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begin with, and its strength gradually increased as is required.
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Leprosy, however, must be considered separately, for the inter-
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Successfully used over 1/3 century — avoid imitations
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numbers. From 5 to 170 millions are reported as present per c.c,
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qualify him mentally for the long struggle ahead. Not all
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Possibly unilateral optic neuritis may be in favour of abscess, but more
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not cause eruption on the skin aud was less irritating
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patients have a better constitutional power of resistance ; for another,
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considered. This might be occasioned by inflammatory action
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complications of diphtheria, is due to a large extent to local unhy-
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had much increased, and it was becoming black. About one
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nine days. The first symptoms are pain in the back and head,
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at your institution for additional information about your CME
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in two portions, one corresponding to the upper, and the other to the lower, layer,
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defective inhibition. In the cases hitherto instanced
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larynx. The cases of sporadic croup met with in the intervals between
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referred to are usually about the size of a pea ; but they may be as large
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crutches, and two weeks "later still I bade him good bye and returned
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" puerperal insanities " to that of some toxin developed during the
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olfactory slit, and k, a portion of the middle meatus ; h, a moderately deep-seated swelling on the septum ;