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many disadvantages. In the first place, if it be desired
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symptom from the homoeopathic standpoint, we would inquire how
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After-history. — Dr. Pye-Smith writes: '' February 8, 1900.— He
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Relief of the Ruptured and Crippled. New York: G. P. Putnam's Sons, 1874.
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ment resembled the Medical Society. Each member in turn read
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posted in the Arizona church: "The congregation will
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was applied to the head and abdomen. The patient was stupid,
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breath gets short, his heart flutters, and now he begins to get
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under such circumstances, by opening the abscess by
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pressure had resulted from the sitting position. In-
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as much as the tincture. With digalen the case is even worse.
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symmetrical eruption on the backs of the hands and forearms. She
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We adduce from the Journal of the American Medical Association
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Health Protective Associations in different parts of the country are
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phenomena of pulsation and respiration as that recorded above for healthy
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gauze drainage established. The patient made a continuous and
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pontifical regulation still in force. Pharmacists and mid-
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to permit of abdominal section being performed. The
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esophagus. The Roentgen rays gaven no elucidation, and the
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1884 and 1885 Vidal and Besnier called attention to the fact
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leges or schools of science, to the effect that they