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Iowa State Kedlcal AsBOciation. — The semi-centennial
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Art. III. — Bernard's Recent Discoveries in Physiology. Reported by F.
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erectile tissue it filled anew, and the growth became hard
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ate soon settles and the milky fluid can be decanted oflf.
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a single bad eflfect of antitoxin upon the heart, kidneys or blood,
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occurred about eleven years ago, when she first felt a burning sensation
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chlorin output for the corresponding period was about fifty times too
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survive for some months, the limbs become feeble in the order in which
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Diagnosis. — The direct diagnosis depends upon the subacute
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other dressings. For twenty four hours after this opera-
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^corrupted ! (§ 17, 20, 22, 44, 46, 53, 61, 66, 42.)
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Blastomycetes. — Leopold s])eaks of the results of his inves-
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parts are put under the influence of cocaine. Second, there is a great
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portions as to render breathing not only difficult, but impossible.
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Service . $78 "■ ■'" ' • '■ '■ '• l ' : Sodium
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disease spread until at the end of a week he was well covered
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