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the precautions just spoken of, by the free administration of sulphuric

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steady progress convalescence is reached in from ten to fifteen days. Not

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little shock to the system. Amputation, at the lower third of tlie

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_r^^ ^-•J- 4^^.i^R.wjj >M ^ ., bl itJfed by CjOOg IC /

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and in a heavy sea are entirely submerged. It has been doubted

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by a lamellated thrombus. The chief symptom is pain, perhaps fol-

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flank, on Friday night into the right thigh, and on Saturday night into

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Fallopian tubes. Local tuberculosis of each part of the uro-genital ap-

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respiration is affected, but may occur without the respiratory muscles

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cially elevated until shortly before death, when it may reach 104 F.,

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Simple purpura occurs oftenest in children, sometimes in old people,

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While the symptoms are those of a mild appendicitis the individual

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After a prolonged mercurial course potassium iodide should always

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symptoms, the patient remains hopeful. The general or local symptoms

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centrum ovale lies below that of the fibres connected with the extremi-

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nated catarrhal bronchitis. Earely a cast of a bronchus and its branches

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DEFINITION. A chronic disease, dependent upon a peculiar inflam-

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tions by Dr. Bumstead, who described its objects and its uses; and

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Report of the Commissioners of Quarantine. Albany, New York. J865. (From Dr. T. G.

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should be enforced with a rigor proportionate to the needs of the indi-

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takes place, either at the upper or at the lower end of the tube. This

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sary quick action from the antidote it should always be given hypo-

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depth may lead to inflammation of the inesocolon, or even to perfora-

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teen and over thirty years, though it may occur in the youngest infant or

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