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almost universally in use, has been a combination of iron,
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teria were developed. Here is a source of infection from the
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Predisposing Causes. — (1 ) Season. — In a paper on " Seasonal Influences
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different epidemics vary in their extent and fatality. It generally
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veyance of the poison by vessels having yellow-fever cases on board was
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sauces to disguise natural flavors and to enable them to serve
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years as it is by those who can compare its every-day use with
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Heath Cling, for brandied peaches, October i to 15; Doctor
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very considerable, for it can be made to furnish all the tonic effects
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minutes. The number of red cells was diminished. The density of
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volume of the arm must, therefore, have increased, because the water
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diameter varying from one or two to three lines. The papules are
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various avenues of work which T have just mentioned, as well as
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one injection of about seven hundred and fifty units. In
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the patient is laid upon it with arms above his head, and the blan-
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glaucoma, where a failure to recognize the condition early
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Now, an important question comes up: what about the
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tion escaped me. Since the recognition of high body temperature from
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water at 60° may be poured upon the head and shoulders for five
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antine for a definite period^ A wild beast like this and pneu-
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formerly prevailing expectant plan, many patients being badly nour-
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rate is from 84 to 108, but it may go much higher, and when the pulse
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tues, it aided nature in its battle against the manifestations of toxaemia,
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potassium bromide were replaced by cold water through the rectum with the
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potassium citrate, etc., in sufficient doses to render, and then maintain,