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sons, in the low lying parts of the western and southern sections of our country. The

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above the contraction, but no food passes into the stomach.

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Stone, in the JSTew York Maternity Hospital, has obtained results in

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May 12: Given 20 gm. of glucose with 500 gm. of and 250 c.c. of milk.

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Pericardium natural. No effusion in cavity. Heart 'increased in size about one-siith.

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interest to the Medical Profession are solicited. Reprints of articles con-

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Cornelius A. Hospers, A.B., Assistant in Pathology.

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the deepest part of the stomach was fifty-four centimetres.

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Should the streets be kept dry, or should the gutters be

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feeble health supervenes, with impaired nutrition, of

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and toxic agents ; and he maintains that his experiments indicate

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3. The Evidence afforded by a Study of the Physical Development

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the paroxysms of convulsions or of coma which have been described; but it

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accompanied with much watery fluid. The endermic use of the sulphate

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lesion is a dermatitis, sometimes attended by vesicles,

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tical Pharmacy and Medical Chemistry, $15; Military,

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air at room temperature or near a flame. They are then either ex-

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of eminence, notably by Bernutz and Goupil ; and in thus

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of women who attended the out-patient departments of our hospitals

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alcohol to tuberculin, a precipitate was produced consist

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