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the seeds of pestilence. But v.'hat is the result to the workmen, or
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tain important points of difference in the epidemics that
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and acquaintances. Social in his feelings, kind and amiable in his
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sometimes so retains its force within the nasal chambers as to
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of how frequently such accidents affect railway em-
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with his hips, but could not sit up or turn on his side.
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to grow still more actively when such a stimulus is supplied to it.
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and 39 cases remained under treatment at the end of the week.
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without fail be tested for tuberculosis before leaving home, for they
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state of the army medical department of the earlier periods of our liistory, must have
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uncomfortable and no change in the respiratory and pulse-rate occurs. The
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thinks he can get at the pus and establish good drainage. The
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less experience. The average age of the students enrolled in the Normal
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deep flexor of the fingers, the muscles of the little finger, the adductor and inner
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perfectly well. No medical or surgical treatment was
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They feel the extra-systole and the compensator^^ pause, and use such phrases
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patient was small and imperfectly developed, there was
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Thursday, July 13th, was one of the most oppressive days during
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' 0]/. cit.y p. 53. AVlien Mitcliell wrote, in 1859, vibrioues were re-
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nasal mucosa, and it has been found that monkeys can be infected
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only so far as public sentiment supports them and maintains
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resident in Cordova, Seville and other parts of An-
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