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patient to choose her own posture. The left lateral is the

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dermoid cystomata of the ovary differ from dermoids in the orbit, pharynx,

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spirits with liver troubles. Insomnia, bad dreams, and night sweats of course

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greatest caution must be used not to contaminate the solid

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plates, so shaped as to fit the posterior surface of the eyeball. 'J'hey are some-

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different conditions, and so closely resemble some of the eruptions which

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the circulatory system of the child and adult are the

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Clinton Wac.ner, of New York, read a paper with this

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TO; Members of The Medical Association of The State of Alabama

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nails, generally of acute onset, and not necessarily in patches ; secondly,

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Alexander, M. Janet, Montgomery, India, Women's Med. Coll. of

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thus made subservient to the physiologist ; but while he ac-

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The patella may be dislocated anteriorly, posteriorly, or late-

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inal tumors could be quite definitely determined, and this

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8.30 p.m. — Respirations 8, recognized faces, but could not see

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makes good citizenship. Again, it is now generally recognized among

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of Mr. Evan Thomas from the list of Fellows of the .Medical and

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Solar halos were seen on 24 occasions, a lunar halo on 16 nights,

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had, in view of the very small percentage of deaths which

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only seven medical charities, viz.: Home for Convales-

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The next four forms of fracture of the pelvis present ex-

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Dr. T. D. Walker, St. John, N- B., referred to the con-

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Association, requesting endorsement of the Gorgas Memorial in

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they help to educate him in special branches of medi-

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Medical Society. By Chables Lanobtafp, M.D., &q, 1872 . 428

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ated, than the joint that precedes it. Upon the inner surface,

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enlightened day and generation ; they are the common-