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gist is better able to control tidal volumes, maintain

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point of injection was red, tender, and showed slight

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passed into the fistula in the hope of finding the ureteral

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spinators with atrophy of the lower part of the pectoralis

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It is to be expected that eventually, with the inevitable growth

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jection-puncture. The first condition — septic intoxication — to occur in man,

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readily be seen, however, that the conditions are such that only

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Final classification of the less than effective indica'

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until he shall have been relieved from said sentence or diaa-

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1. Nose, Throat, and Ear. — Introductory lecture and conference course for Juniors.

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vessels. This form may be simple hypertrophy, but it is usually eccentric.

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objection, we would decline radical measures. Exclu-

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but we did not have any idea of vitamins, or the essential dietary sub-

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with the presence of microbia. Whether the latter are specific in cha-

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sary for completing the smooth records will be at hand.

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times, an anesthetic. However, I think we should not interfere with the hospitals, because

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five days after the commencement of the redness and swelling, the skin

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cussion and bronchial breathing over basal right lobe showed

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stood. Following the lead of an English surgeon — Barwell —

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the man regained his usual health and strength. During the

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nose bitten off, in a qua'rrel, by a man. She was immediately carried

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to the " Seedy toe " of horses. (Compare Richardson's very inter-

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The temptation'to the use of the electro-cautery has been specially alluring.

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It is true the politician does not think with the same

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H. B. Macleod, now Prof, of Surgery at Glasgow^; a work by Dr.

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whether far higher dilutions than those usually employed have not certain advan-

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EP1DE.M1C Poliomyelitis. The Symptomatology a.sd Diahsosis

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form of this disease, and is employed in its native country

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the too frequent or long-continued use of the drug when there is

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misrepresented the facts in the case, and had evinced

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