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to within a quarter of an inch of the bulb of the jugular. Pressure upon the

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perature remained high, for the most part about 104° F. ;

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the leg and foot in the case of an ununited fracture

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can be reduced by hot hip baths or hot applications

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but to the presence of organic matter termed ' crowd-poison.' " Such

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food inspection, cattle inspection, milk inspection. (6)

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that the accident is thought to occur once in 2.000

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regards the operation as applicable to : (1) cases of opacity of the cornea

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As we leave Bowman Gray to embark on our internships and future practice we are confident that

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No categorical answer can be made. If the patient does not look ill,

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so that the trustees now have about $7,000,000 with which

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book generally. Upon one point, however, the practical physician may

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January i, 1909, to January i, 1910, about 780 cases

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10. The Separation of the Colon from Its Mesentery,

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